I like the calm, safe environment/atmosphere which helps my child to feel secure and confident. The staff are fantastic – their extensive experience of working with children (and having their own) and their thoughtful and caring manner has made settling my daughter a painless experience.

Garden group & staff play compressed

The extra support given to help my son’s additional needs has been fantastic. He has come on leaps and bounds and I credit much of this to the support at Playschool.

My daughter always comes away happy from playschool and regularly talks about what she has done and who she has played with. I have never had to persuade her to go, she always looks forward to it.

Peter Pan staff are quick to notice a child’s interests and to encourage that interest even if it means buying specific things.

I like that parents can be really involved at Peter Pan Playschool – I have joined the parent committee which means that we can be involved in making sure the playschool provides the best possible care for our children and I have made lots of great new friends as well. I love being a parent helper so I can see what my daughter gets up to during a session.

Garden basketball

It has also worked perfectly with Eastwick Infant School drop off. I often have a very smug feeling when I see other parents rushing about to get their younger child off to playschool – whilst me and fellow Peter Panners have a very a leisurely, relaxed stroll on up to playschool!

Thanks to all the staff for making his ‘world’ such a happy & secure place. He will (and I will) truly miss it when he leaves in July.

Garden hula hooping

I LOVE the new garden area at the playschool, with the new raised beds, willow den and nature corner to explore, and the artificial grass now means no more muddy boots! The children are really spoilt to have such a great garden to play in at each session. Its also great to think that the parents and staff at the playschool made this new garden a reality.

One of the best things about the playschool is the the excellent communication with parents. The staff are very focused on the needs of your child.