Feedback from our recent parent surveys

It always feels like such a lovely relaxed and happy atmosphere. The staff are all so approachable and enthusiastic in greeting the children.

How much you care for each and every child. It’s personal and as a parent that’s what you want. You don’t want your child to be a just a number.

I love how amazing the organisation is and how the parents are very well informed.

Garden group & staff play compressed

I just love the communication between the staff and parents, the staff are so thoughtful and nothing is ever too much.

Friendly staff, structured and safe environment for children. Open door policy

I really like both of my girls going to PP, the staff are amazing and look after the girls well. They enjoy every session!

I love the friendly staff who all care about all the children not just their keychildren.

I like that the setting is small and everything is in a close proximity.

All the children are very comfortable playing with each other. Great choosing activities indoors and spacious outdoor area.

Garden basketball

The range of activities, the fact they go outside every day, small things like the hello song and story time, creating a great routine.

Simple, wholesome, caring, fun. Focus on play.

Garden hula hooping

Structure, caring, lots of activities and a very nurturing environment.  Staff are caring, calm, professional, organised, approachable, and all round amazing! Always welcoming, children feel comfortable and safe.