Peter Pan’s Adventures

Have you met our Peter Pan soft toy yet? He is a big hit with all the children and has been having great fun visiting each child in their home and going out and about with them on adventures. Peter is very intrepid and has been on numerous expeditions including to: a playground, a birthday party, a soft play centre, a swimming lesson, Bocketts Farm, a ballet lesson, a trip to the doctors and an emergency trip to buy a new car battery to name just a few!  The aim is that Peter Pan’s visits will serve to support the communication skills of the children by acting as an exciting topic of conversation. When children bring him back to playschool, they often feel able to talk not only about Peter’s adventures, but also more openly about their family, friends and local community.Peter Pan drawn by Maisie

When it is your child’s turn to bring Peter Pan home, they will be given a ‘Peter Pan’s adventures’ diary sheet where it is hoped you will place one or two photos plus a brief description of what Peter Pan has been up to.  This will enable staff to be able to support the children to describe what they have been doing while Peter has been visiting them.  Once it has been shared and discussed, each diary sheet then goes into a book which the children can look at in the book corner whenever they wish to.

It is always wonderful to see how excited the children get about taking Peter Pan home when it is their turn and all the diary entries and photographs we have received so far have been fantastic; and the children really enjoying looking through the photographs and listening to the diary entries in the book corner. Peter will be coming home with every child, so if you haven’t had him yet – he will be with you very shortly!