Our Supporters

A huge thank you to all the local businesses listed below which supported us by donating to our Christmas raffle 2015; they helped us to raise funds to buy new books, equipment and toys for the children at Peter Pan Playschool to enjoy.

The following organisations have very kindly supported us recently:

Detailed below are a list of some of the companies which support Peter Pan Playschool by offering us a % cashback on any purchases. If you are planning to purchase any items from these companies then please do remember to input the playschool details as it’s a really great way for us to generate additional fundraising money at no extra cost to you.  Just click on the link to take you to the website.

My Name Tags – if you need any iron on or sticker name lables for your child.  They are really useful for playschool and then school – and iron on stickers much easier than sewing!  At Delivery details section of order input 47239 in School ID option

Scholastic Books – in addition to the catalogue we all receive each term, you can order books online.  Click on the link to take you to our details and arrange for delivery to Peter Pan Playschool so you do not incur a delivery charge.  The order will then be placed in your child’s box on arrival

Thank you very much!